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                Refined Rice Bran Wax 2#

                Refined Rice Bran Wax 2#

                INCI Name: ORYZA SATIVA(RICE) BRAN WAX

                CAS No.: 8016-60-2


                Description & Appearance

                Refined rice bran wax is a kind of plant wax. The natural rice bran oil contains about 3% rice bran wax. After the refining steps of deoiling, degumming, impurity removal and decolorization, the rice bran wax with high purity is obtained.

                To some extent,Refined rice bran wax is similar to natural wax such as palm wax, candelilla wax and beeswax.


                ①As cosmetic food and medicine additive products;
                ②As antistaling agent for fruit and vegetable to improve preservation quality and perfect appearance, as food additive in food package, chewing gum and other candy;

                ③To produce high-grade shoeshine, floor wax and glazing wax for furniture, car and equipment, leather retouching agent, etc;

                ④To product high-grade printing ink, carbon paper ink, stencil paper, as paper retouching agent and additive;

                ⑤To produce oil solution and emulsifier used in fiber process to improve softness, smoothness and luster for textile;

                ⑥As plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant for PVC, as thickening agent for petroleum and lubricating grease with excellent resistance to heat.





                Yellow flake particle

                Wax Content(%)


                Oil Content(%)


                Melting Point


                Saponification Value


                Iodine value


                Fatty Acid(mgKOH/g)










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